Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back Again (personal post)

Took a little break from blogging but I think I'm back again.  My doctor didn't take my seizure as lightly as I did.  So he wanted tests and reduced one med that can cause seizures.  The tests all came out wonderfully.  So this last nine days have been busy ones running around.  But I also worked on projects, I just didn't feel up to photographing and posting about them.  I've also been watching a lot of old movies. 

The weather has finally changed to cold!  It is finally time to start baking again because we need to warm up the house!  My mom would bake when it got cold and I would call it baking season.  I can just see my mom warming her hands with the oven slightly open.  Just have to find the energy to bake and clean. 

The crystals are roughly sorted and I'm considering making jewelry just to keep from having to sort them anymore!  I did finally get the jewelry drawers out of the bedroom.  Right now I can't see me doing anything this year for Christmas.  I still owe Christmas truffles from last year when carpel tunnel got me!  So maybe it is better if I don't try to do much this season.  I'm still working on the only gift I started.  It is just that with Pattie's kids leaving the nest I would like to send them chocolates for their holiday traditions.  Along with a link to this blog for the tutorial on how to make them.

Still have to finish the Altrusa tree ornaments, just three more to go!  Maybe I will be able to see the tree all decorated but I doubt I will get to it!  I hope it earns lots of money!

In any case I will try and move around today and see what I can get done.  Need to go through the supplies for baking, I am tempted to make more Stollen this year.  I absolutely love it!  So much for losing weight!

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