Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to Get Started on Christmas

It is very late in the year to get started on Christmas but then I never get started early.  As I've said in other posts I make everyone the same thing.  Doesn't seem very fair to force the same things on everyone but it works for me!

The first thing to do is setup the tree and work on ornaments.  This year I want to decorate the tree with a garland made out of copper necklaces.  Definitely different!  It seems to me that interlinking necklaces to make a garland and then giving away the necklaces as gifts is a cool idea.  So far I have 70 inches of copper necklaces already made.  The real problem is how to decorate the rest of the tree!  The only idea I have is to make little wirework ornaments, they could be decorated with colorful crystals.  So far I have made a wirework frame with six spokes.  It is decorated with copper beads held on by wrapping 26 gauge wire.

Strange but pretty, the frame I made bent so it isn't very even.

Purchased 6 x 6 inch snowflake frame.
That didn't work out but is something to try again later.  Then I took a steel snowflake frame and added green and copper beads,  I bent the ends of the frames because I wanted to be able to reuse the beads after Christmas.  Copper snowflakes are definitely different!

Copper clear crystal and green crystal snowflake.
Close up.
Second green crystal and copper snowflake.

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