Friday, November 2, 2012

Crocheted Teacup Garland Update (didn't work)

Crocheted teacup.
The teacup garland didn't work because the cups were to close together when I put a light string inside the cup.  So another idea might be to use ecru thread and make a square with scallop edging.  Then you could alternate a string of cups and tea biscuits!  Without the lights.
The Altrusa tree is slowly coming together. Today I worked on a teacup garland. I had some mini light strings and I am trying to come up with a lighted garland. It has to be safe as well as pretty so I am looking into several ideas. Tomorrow I am going to Beverly's to see what else I can do to help.  I'm sure the tree will be beautiful!


  1. Gorgeous o you think I have the ability to make these? Do you have a pattern for these?

  2. These cups are really easy to make but I changed the pattern. So I will try and write them down and email them to you. The only hard part is crocheting in the front and back loops. The saucer is actually crocheted to the cup. I will give it a try!