Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Altrusa Tree Finished Updated

Update: The Victorian tree brought in lots of money for the charity.  Many people thought it was lovely, and the woman who got the tree was really happy.  It was a great experience.

Today the tree was setup to be raffled at the Elks Club.  Our tree was the best one there of course!  It was very lovely and everyone did a beautiful job.  It is one thing to make some ornaments but quite another to pull it all together, Linda made it magical.  The tree spilled out to the gifts so that it was hard to know where the tree ended.  The gifts were wonderful and would make any Victorian Lady happy.  An umbrella at the back was made with recycled slips from the 1890's.  Very clever recycling!  The tree skirt was lovely and most of the ornaments were handmade and embroidered with silk ribbons.  The top of the tree had branches coming out the top with pretty birds sitting on them.  There was even a bell jar with a bird in it.  There was a beautiful tea cup and even a miniature tea set on top of cake plates.  There were vases and candles and the dressmakers dummy was made of lacy iron work and so lovely.  I even donated the fake chocolate dipped strawberries.  The only bad thing was that my pictures didn't come out very well.  But here is what I could salvage of the tree pictures.

Umbrella at back of the tree.
Ornaments on the tree.
More ornaments.
Still more ornaments.
Close up, near the top of the picture is a ballerina costume.
Wirework mannequin.
Last of the pictures, back of the mirror decorated with ribbon embroidery. 
One of the pictures that didn't come out was of a embroidery frame with a canvas work picture of a country cottage!  I'm sure that everyone will agree that this was a great tree!


  1. I agree! Linda did an amazing job and got some talented embroiders to make most of the decorations. I still can't believe the lovely parasol is made out of recycled 19th century slips! I wish it was my tree except it's pink!

  2. Lois, These are beautiful and me and Lynette were over-the-top seeing these pictures of our tree!!! How do I send/forward them to my daughter,or family..?? God bless, jeri

  3. If you right click a picture you will see a list of options. One is to send it by email, another is to save the picture to your own computer. If you save the picture you can then attach to a new email.

    That will work for any picture. But for now, the direct link to this one is

    you can just put it in your email.