Sunday, May 20, 2012

Small Beaded Purse

Small Beaded Purse

The small purse fits easily in my hand

A while ago I was challenged by the local craft store to make something from a yarn called Spangle made by Premier Yarns.  At first I thought of couching it onto a scarf, but couldn't think of a design.  So while looking through my latest aquisition of beads I found that the yarn perfectly matched the turquoise crystal beads.  So I started crocheting two round circles to make into a purse.  The beads I used were size 6 roundells.  It took almost 300 beads, mostly because I used double crochet stitches adding two beads to each stitch.  All I was trying for was two beaded flat circles.  So after several tries I ended up with this pattern.  String beads on yarn or thread.

When crocheting beads like this they appear on the backside of the work, this is normal.  I used a G hook beause the Spangle yarn is thick like a size 3 thread.  Use a thread and hook that will support your bead choice.

Round 1: Chain 6 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Round 2: Chain 1, bring up a bead. chain 1, bring up a bead, chain 1 (This will make the first stitch a chain 3 with two beads.  Make a beaded double crochet into the ring 11 times. Connect with slip stitch at begininng of  row.  (Beaded double crochet: Wrap twice around hook, place hook in ring or stitch, yarn over and pulled loop up, [three loop on hook] push bead up to work, yarn over and bring yarn through two loops, push another bead up and finish double crochet by yarning over and passing yarn  through last two loops.)  (12 double crochets)

Round 3: Chain 3 as before adding two beads.  Two double crochets in each double crochet in round 2.  Slip stitch into chain stitch at beginning of round 2. (24 double crochets)

Round 4: Again start with chain 3 adding two beads.  Then 3 double crochets in each stitch.  Slip stitch into beginning chain. (72 double crochets)  The purse I made only had two double crochets in each stitch because I ran out of beads!

Next I took and secured the ends and then with the right sides together sewed through the two circles using wildfire thread 12 lbs.  I left half the circle open and tied off the ends.  Turning the circle right side out.  Next I placed the purse clasp over the open edge and sewed remaining edge to the holes in the clasp.  I also added two buttons to hide the original chain 6 loop.  I wanted to use a silver chain for the necklace but I didn't have one strong enough for the weight of the purse.  So I made a beaded chain using random beads the same color of the purse but with different shapes.

I learned a great deal from this project.  First that beads are really heavy!  The weight pulled the circles into an oblong.  Next time I will try this with size 6 or 8 seed beads.  Also I got the purse a little off center when I was sewing it together.  I would also add another round to the circles because only a small lipstick or rolled up money will fit inside.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,  if you try this I would love to see pictures!


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    1. Thank you! I still haven't heard from the craft store if they want to use it as a display yet. Guess I will find out this weekend.

      Enjoy the day!