Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Piano Hinge Book 2

Yesterday I made the inner part of the book structure and wove it together using wooden dowels.  Today I will show how to do the covers and finish making the book.

The covers were made using scrapbooking cardstock cut to 9 inches by 11 inches, then folded to 5,5 inches by 9 inches.  Next I used the template to cut the notches into the folded end of the covers.  Using wooden dowels I wove the covers ( front and back) onto the book.

Then I had some fun with Jim Holtz die cut of a dress makers dummy and is alterations embossing set.  The covers I used were turquoise so I made the embelishments red and pink.with a few buttons added on.  I had left my covers open because I thought I might want to hand sew though the cardstock.  I suggest glueing them together when done decorating.

Front cover of book.

Back cover of book.
Now is the time to decide how the book will work.  You can set the dowels into a circle and then put them in a tall bottle cover.  Or a more traditional flat book.  For a flat book align the spine so that the pages and dowels are lined up.  Once you have it aligned use some fiber like twine or thread or even yarn to weave the dowels at the top together.  A simple weave of over under will be fine.  This needs to be tight. 

Weaving the dowels with fiber.

Cut ends of bottom of book.

Next do the same thing to the bottom dowels.  If you are going to cut the dowels even with the bottom of the book, place glue on the dowels to secure the last two or three rows of weaving.  I did this for my book but left the top dowels long as a decorative element.  Also I left the two top ends of weaving long to use as bookmarks.  Don't forget to touch up the cut dowels with paint.  It's done!  The book should be able to place in a bookshelf and be able to lay flat when open.

Finished spine of book.

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