Thursday, May 24, 2012

One of those days!

Please forgive my ramblings today, not enough oxygen to the brain and I can barely see the computer screen.  After posting yesterday I started looking around for my next project to post.  This Saturday there is going to be a bunch of us tatting at the Santa Maria Beverly's Craftstore.  So I thought it would be great if I got out the doily I was making and finish it for Saturday.  Well I gave up because I couldn't find it anywhere.  So then I decided to embroider some opera length black gloves with some silk ribbon roses and some stumpwork leaves.  But I couldn't find any of my huge stash of silk ribbons!  So frustrated I made another necklace.  I started with silver findings and cream crystal pearls and a large diamond shaped metal piece as the main focus.  What I ended up with was a necklace with gold findings 3mm black and red crystals and a black crystal donut!

I liked how the red and black crystals showed up between the pearls but I don't like the donut.  So the project needs some rethinking when my brain starts working again.  Later on in the evening I was looking up an obscure type of embroidery and came up with this link to a beautiful piece of wirework jewelry
Even though it was late I got out some 16 gauge copper wire and started to make my own version.

It is not nearly as nice as the above link, but to my credit it is handworked.  I don't use a wire tool like a Whirly gig.  But after looking at the first piece I am inspired to get a wire wrapping tool and creating my own wirework designs.  My hands are still screaming at me! 

While looking for some yarn I did find the tatted doily.  Perhaps I will wok on that today!

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