Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pearl Earrings

This project I am very proud of because it was difficult. I actually made it from a pattern in Bead and Button magazine. Sorry I can't remember which one. I was given about 100 issues of Bead and Button a few years ago and still haven't looked at them all! Last night I went through some and I liked these earrings so much I had to try making them. I usually just look at the magazines to learn techniques so I'm amazed that I made something and used the instructions! It was very hard to bend the wire which was 16 gauge and even more difficult to make them look alike.

I love making jewelry because it is the one craft that the materials seem to make themselves into lovely objects.  I have read descriptions by artists that the project made itself.  For instance sculptors saying that the image was in the marble and they were just setting it free.  In my long search to understand the difference between art and crafts, the interaction of the artist and materials seems to be the difference.  That is my opinion anyway and I do not think my jewelry is art but that it has the potential to become art.  I like doing several hobbies more than jewelry but it is more satisfying to have the interaction with the materials.

I want to thank everyone who has been looking at my blog though Craftsters and Pinterest and other sources.  Having all of you looking at my stuff is very encouraging.  It makes it so much easier to make things when others give me feedback which has helped me find a direction.

Thank You!


  1. Thanks! Just wish they were my design! Plan on making more of these but with different beads and random twists.