Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jewelry for the Wedding guests

For the wedding I made several necklaces.  The idea was to have something to remember the occasion.   So I made every woman in the family, who attended the wedding, a pearl necklace.  Each was different and made to go with their outfits.  Unfortunately I didn''t take pictures of the finished pieces in all of the confusion of getting the chapel decorated.  The photographers didn't take many pictures of family.  So all I have are pictures of necklaces without clasps.

For Tara I made a necklace of black crystal and cream pearls. 
Her dress was 50's style cream fabric with black polka dots. 

This was my necklace to wear with a vintage blue dress from the 1980's. 
The outfit cost $2.00 from the Thrift store where I bought the wedding dress.

This was Nichol's pearl and amethyst necklace.  I used smaller pearls so that they would be in proportion with the amethysts.  She wore a grey top and skirt to the event.

If I find better pictures I will post them.  But I think this illustrates the idea of pulling the pearl theme of the wedding together with the wedding guests.  It also shows how differently pearls can be presented using different accents.

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