Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yet Another Day

Went out in the early morning and fertilized and watered all the tomatoes.  Our first tomato is growing!  We usually don't get them started this early because the bees are still fertilizing the lavender.  The tomato plants aren't very large yet but they are getting flowers.  So with some luck we will be getting a large number of tomatoes by July.  I like to dehydrate the extras in the oven and free them for winter.

Yesterday we went to the local OSH store and got some beautiful purple pansies and mixed colored cosmos.  This is the first time that I have had this much ambition to have a flower bed in many years.  Usually there are hundreds of four o'clock plants in the flower bed.  So to fit other flowers in I've been weeding out a lot of four o'clock plants.  So I decided to plant the cosmos to feed other small birds.  The tiny finches like to sit on the cosmos and eat the seeds directly, sometimes upside down!  To say the least we see a lot of humming birds with all the four o'clock plants.  We also have a purple flowering bush that attracts humming birds even more than the four o'clock plants.  So there will be plenty of nectar for all visitors.  I've left some four o'clock plants in with the other flowers to fill in the back of the flower bed.

The little finches seem to have used the supply of coconut fibers I left them.  Perhaps I will put out some of the small ends left from silk ribbon embroidery.  Those finches will have a really cool nest!  Most birds in this area have three nesting seasons so they are very busy!

Last week I had a run in with a spider and spent 5 hours in the emergency room getting antibiotics.  Good thing I got up around midnight and looked in the mirror.  My mouth was so swollen and twisted that I couldn't form works.  It took 6 days for the swelling to go down and I have only started to eat solid foods again.  I was to tired most of the time to craft.

Just a couple days ago I started working on a cupcake.  The idea is to make some for an Altrusa tree.  Here is a picture of my first try.

Close-up of cupcake.
The cupcake is made from felt with a decorated satin top and has a red velvet bottom.  Then the icing on the side is made from a sheer white ribbon stitch in zigzag runching.

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