Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wedding Garland for the Bride

The last few days I have been working on a design for a Bride's hair piece.  She put some pictures on her Facebook page.  The flowers are to small for me to make them from ribbon.  So I took apart a tiny flower arrangement I made a long time ago and cut some suckers from the olive tree.  The suckers were very easy to make into a garland.  It came out cute but to bulky.  So now I know that I will need really tiny flowers.  Once I have the garland finished I think I will try making a basket with the surplus of olive tree suckers.

Bridal garland.

Close up.

The quilt idea is coming along.  I started lesson 10 the wild pansy and it is coming along slowly.  I also added the large round petaled flower yoyo and a small butterfly yoyo to the quilt idea.

Flower shaped yoyo.

Flower shaped yoyo.

Butterfly shaped yoyo.

The butterfly yoyo is supposed to have rounded upper wings.  I kept the upper wings loose and then closed them leaving them pointed.  It came out cute!  Lots of stuff to work on and the summer is going by fast.

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