Saturday, June 22, 2013

Goliath the Hummingbird

The last three years we have had a huge hummingbird I named Goliath.  I find it hard to believe it is the same Anna hummingbird but not many get that big.  Today I was outside and saw two huge hummingbirds!  The best part is that they were doing a mating dance in the air.  If you've never seen the mating dance of hummingbird all I can say is that it is pretty strange.  So maybe by the end of summer we will have lots of baby hummingbirds on the four o'clocks!

Yesterday we went to the gym and I walked 30 minutes in the pool.  Then went to JCPenny and bought two blouses.  There were hardly any people in the store and they were having a four hour sale!  They say that the company is having trouble with the way the prices were setup but I liked it.  It is so nice to see the exact price and not  wonder how much something really costs with a discount.  My opinion of why people weren't in the store was ugly clothes.  But I did find a 3/4 sleeve white blouse and a fuchsia pink long sleeve silk blouse.  But no cute skirts were to be found and Capris were everywhere!

After shopping I went to Beverly's and got some green fat quarters.  The pattern on the green fabric is the same as on the purple yoyos.  Then I also purchased Clover's small 5 petal flower tool.  The idea was to use the 5 petal flower yoyo instead of a tradition one.  Then to make green large pointed flower petals into leaves.  The flowers and leaves would then be sewn around the outside of the embroidered panels.  I've looked on the internet and have not seen anything like this which makes me think it can't be done.  So far I've tried making the small flower but it seems a little to small for the size of the panels.  The large pointed petal doesn't make the best leaves, I can make better ones without the tool.  So I guess we will see what happens!

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