Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Day in the Garden

Today I worked on a very small garden, weeded and planted 6 tomato plants.  Fell and hit my knee and hip both of which are trying to persuade me not to move tomorrow.  Think I will listen to them both! 

In the evening I saw two tiny finches.  One was in a tree and the other was tearing apart one of the hanging baskets!  It took a minute then I realized they wanted the coconut liner for nesting.  So I tore up some extra liner and left it for them to collect.  Now I know why some of the baskets have holes!

Haven't done any crafting at all today.  But I did find an out of print pattern book called "Weldons Flower Embroidery".  It is a really nice little book with patterns for shaded embroidery, cross stitch, and wool.  Lots patterns and instructions on flower and bird embroideries.  I intent to read it tonight if I can stay awake!

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