Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Turquoise and Red Dwarf

Still working on necklaces including another turquoise one.  Good thing I have a lot of turquoise colored crystals!  The biggest challenge has been to stop working on the pieces and consider them finished.  Today I worked on two already finished pieces.  All the jewelry has come out quite lovely and I'm thinking about making a tutorial on how to make some.

While making all these lovely things I have been watching Red Dwarf!  I used to watch it years ago and had no idea how many episodes I've missed.  In fact I used to watch it with my niece for which I'm sure I would be killed, she liked the toaster!  It has been really fun catching up with the insanity!

Tomorrow the jewelry gets mailed the way it is because tomorrow I'm going to make a coconut cake!  I have two coconuts on the counter to process into a delicious layer cake!  I've never tried this before and my cakes are not very good but I'm going to make this cake!  Haven't decided on the frosting yet but I am thinking about a whipped syrup frosting.  The type that are wonderfully light and fluffy and 24 hours later turn into cement!  But this will be coconut cement!  Yum!

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