Friday, January 4, 2013

Coconut Cake Finished

Yesterday I peeled and processed two coconuts with the hopes of them becoming a cake.  Today I put all the ingredients together and the cake was moist, dense and coconuty!  Definitely the best cake I've made.  The frosting was a 7 minute frosting.  Whipping and cooking it at the same time.  It came out really well but to sweet for me.  If I ever get crazy enough to peel coconuts again I think the cake would be better with just powdered sugar.

I received a book though called "The Open Canvas" by Carolyn Ambuter.  The illustrations are well done and I hope to use some of the stitches on the Teneriffe piece I'm making.  If my hands weren't so sore I would be embroidering right now.  I have great hopes of entering a lot of embroideries and other projects into this years fair.  Just need to finish up Christmas.  One of the reasons that I still don't have Christmas finished is that Trader Joe's is out of the Dark Chocolate I use to make truffles.  This year I am going to leave the Christmas tree up so I can work on making Altrusa ornaments all year.  I've wanted to make up a tree to donate for a long time.  The only thing stopping me is that a donation of gifts is required. So if I make the gifts that will take more time maybe even two years but it will be worth it!  Hopefully I will be embroidering to my hearts content tomorrow.

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