Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tree Ideas and Barbie's Dress

The other day I was posting that I would like to do a tree for Altrusa on my own but couldn't afford presents.  Today the most bizarre idea came to me, make a Christmas tree decorated for Barbie and then I could make clothes and such as gifts!  The costs would be low because I would be doing all the gifts myself and I could use odds and ends for clothes and jewelry that I already have.  In fact I have several ideas for the clothes already.  The tree itself could be decorated in pink with a garland of shoes!  If I bought three or four Barbie's the tree could be a great gift for a family with little girls!  I think that this would be a very popular tree at the auction.  In any case I am still working on the under skirt for the 1885 Countryside Attire.  The pattern is made for collectors and actually the clothing falls 2 inches below the dolls feet.  So I am changing the pattern to fit the doll.  I love to crochet so this project will be a great pleasure to make.  The idea just needs to be thought through.  Just need to ask Barbie!

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