Monday, January 7, 2013

1885 Countryside Under Dress Finished

Under dress.
The under dress was very straight forward and I was able to finish the skirt last night and the top today.  The skirt was made from the waist down in double crochet and then the bodice was crocheted from the waist up.  So it is really a one piece outfit.  The pattern uses double crochet most likely because the under skirt is not seen.  Tomorrow I hope to finish edging the top and creating the button holes in the back and high collar.  The rest of the outfit consists of a crocheted shirred piece of fabric for the bottom and two overskirts that wrap around the dress and form a train.  There is also a very pretty jacket.  I started the crocheted shirred piece and it is coming out cute!  The unusual fabric is a series of triple crocheted clusters.  The piece is crochet sideways.  I think that the outfit will be very pretty when it is finished!  Here is a picture of the under dress on Barbie.
Finished under dress on Barbie.

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