Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doll Dress

As part of my Fair entries I've started crocheting a dress for my new barbie.  The dress pattern is from Paradise Publications, the 1885 Countryside Attire, volume 13.  So far it is fitting Barbie perfectly!  I've just started working on the under skirt.  The pattern includes the dress with train, jacket, hat and parasol.  The parasol is a bit small so I'm thinking of designing my own or not making one.  The jacket is so pretty but I may go with another color like pink instead of the yellow recommended in the pattern.  It is lovely!  Here is a picture of the finished dress on the pattern cover.  I enjoy crocheting so much and I've wanted to make this dress for a long time.

1885 Countryside Attire volume #13 by Paradise Publications.

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  1. This is amazing cant wait to see what yours will be like.