Monday, April 29, 2013

Working on a Crocheted Doll by Sue Pendleton

The crocheted doll by Sue Pendleton I started months ago is screaming for attention!  I finally found the started doll, threads and pattern at the same time.  So before I lose something, I started working on it again.  The doll is really cute!  So far the body, arms and head are made.  Currently I'm working on the clothes.  Can't wait to finish it and put up a picture.

Cleaning and sorting had to wait a bit.  But I have finally started sorting through the beads!  I've sorted two boxes so far.  Once the beads are sorted into colors I will start sorting by type and size.  Putting away the beads is a big job.  Then I want to start making jewelry for the Fair.

Yesterday I found two Barbie dresses that are close to being finished.  Unfortunately I don't have matching threads to finish them.  Lee said to make the missing sleeves in another color.  The blue dress is fine without sleeves or I could make the sleeves that match the underskirt.  The red dress really needs sleeves and I don't have that color of red thread.  They are both pretty but I really love the red dress.  It will feel great to finish them and have more clothes for Barbie!  Hopefully it won't be hard to find the red thread.

Blue crocheted dress,

Red crocheted dress.

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