Friday, April 5, 2013

Cleaning and Sorting

The last few days I have been sorting through crafting supplies.  With the addition of so much floss to my collection I needed new boxes.  So I went to a sale at Beverly's and got a 3-pack of round boxes and covered them with paper.  Now I'm not quite sure where to put the larger boxes but I now have enough box space for the overflowing ribbons and embroidery floss.

I also found my doll making supplies and with them 7 beautiful Barbie dresses that I had crocheted.  I was anxious to find them because I wanted them for the Barbie Altrusa tree.  Unfortunately I didn't find the wedding dress, I must have given it to someone.  So now to decide on a wedding dress design.

A lot of the books are better sorted, but I'm still missing a few. Working on so much embroidery and lacework, I decided to put those books in the bedroom.  That gave me a lot more bookspace in the craft room.  The bead sorting hasn't even started!  But it is possible to walk around in the room and even sit on the floor.  Lee bought me another 200 page covers so I can organize the patterns I have downloaded from the Internet.  But I need some more binders!

The Richelieu work piece is coming along.  The final decision was to work it on a bleached muslin using a fine silk thread.  Instead of working buttonhole bars I decided to use woven bars.  The woven bars are a little more work but they look bolder.  I've almost finished the running threads and should start the buttonhole edges and satin stitches soon.  I've started lesson on from the needle painting book.  Monday I practised needle tating with some of the new needles.  It is wonderful having a variety of needle sizes to work with even yarn tatting.  Yesterday I spent time working half throws and cloth stitch samples.  Using the back of the ribbon board for bobbin lace worked great.  But I need to cut the rest of the wall insulation into movable sections so I can make a bobbin lace scarf.  A bobbin lace scarf would be a great project for the Fair.

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