Monday, April 8, 2013

Going through the Closet

I really do have clothes but I never keep them in good repair.  It seems that I wear the same things until they are dead or need a button sewn on.  Every year I buy something new to replace something worn out.  Normally I spend $100 on clothes every year, that includes new scarves.

The other day I wanted to wear a white blouse.  I have 5 white and off-white blouses but they were all missing buttons.  Perfectly good clothing just hanging in the closet.  So I went out and bought some buttons!  It really is amazing how many buttons there were to choose from but I bought simple flat white buttons.  I sat down with the blouses and made myself sew buttons on them.  Now I have usable blouses again.

But it got me to thinking about the history of buttons and how valuable they once were.  Two years ago with the help of the book "50 Heirloom Buttons to Make" by Nancy Nehring, I learned how to make some dorset crosswheel buttons. 

Dorset crosswheel button.
So I got out the button books and decided to try the dorcet fabric buttons.  They are rather fun to make.  Dorcet fabric buttons are very easy buttons to make.  So I started a tutorial but had issues with the pictures.  So I had to make the buttons again!  That wouldn't be a problem but I heavily embroidered and beaded the buttons. Right now I'm sick of buttons!  But I will get the tutorial finished!  Here is a picture of the first fabric dorcet button I made.
I doodled the flowers and then beaded over the empty spaces. 
The button is slightly over 1 inch.

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