Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project from chapter 11 of "Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon"

After letting the silk taffeta petals dry overnight, having soaked them in a product called "Stop Fraying", I started embroidering a rose.  The project is from chapter 11 of "Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon".  I have to admit that I was having trouble understanding the instructions.  But I kept at it and it worked out fairly well.  The petals were a bit stiff from the anti-fray chemicals.  It took some strength to sew the fabric petals down.  The first section was to sew down a couple of layers of petals and roll the edges.  Then a fan like structure is sewn to the middle.   Finally more petals are sewn into the center and rolled and folded up to cover the bottom of the fan.  Here is a picture of the finished rose.
Embroidered rose.
Another view.
Why I embroidered an off-white rose onto off-white satin I will never understand. It is very difficult to see the rose. First I was going to dye the tips of the petals pale pink. But that could go wrong so easily. So instead I lifted the petals and dyed the satin fabric underneath.
Rose after using blue fabric dye on satin fabric.
Now it is looking better.  As the picture above shows I placed a piece of felt down on the fabric and the satin stitched over it to make a stem.  Then I added a bit of darker blue dye and the project is now drying.  It will take some practice but I have the basics down.  Tomorrow I will wash the pink petals and start another rose.  It should be fun!  When I'm finished I will make them into Valentine gifts.

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