Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cutting Out Petals for Herb Robert

Today was not a very productive day.  However I did finish the 10 flower petals and cut them out.  There were some threads showing from the background muslin so I touched them up with a marker.  Still have 7 petals to embroider and I want to be finished by Saturday so I have to really get moving!  Tonight I am going to try and make a stumpwork ladybird.  They are so cute.  Last year I went looking for a copy of a book called "les grandes heures d'anne de bretagne".  I couldn't find a copy anywhere so after waiting a year I tried again and the google search found wonderful pictures online now!  The Herb Robert project is based on the book.  Can't wait to try and make my own designs!  Well, back to work.

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