Saturday, June 4, 2016

Embroidered Twinchies

Two inch embroidered badger.

Two inch embroidered pomegranate.

These images are embroidered twinchies, two x two inch squares with embroidered images.  These are really fun and challenging to make.  I started my twinchies by ironing a piece of black cotton and stitching it to a muslin background.  The two piece of fabric create firm base for the embroidery.  Next I stitched several two inch square outlines with one inch between each.  I marked the fabric this way so later I could cut them apart leaving half inch seams.  I decide on a black background because I had never embroidered on a dark fabric before.  After the fabric was ready I sketched a basic outline of what I wanted and then chose fibers and started embroidering.  The badger was made with one strand of DMC floss using a long and short stitch.  The pomegranate was a bit trickier.  The split in the fruit is actually appliqued fabric.  Two pieces fabric leaving an opening in the center.Next tear shaped beads are sewn inside the opening,  Then I added a bug shaped bead and sewed a leaf.  It was a fun project that is challenging to embroider.

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