Thursday, June 2, 2016

Art Classes

This past January, after years of using clip art and other peoples patterns I finally decided to learn to draw.  I had taken drawing classes in the past and they didn't go well.  I could understand the concepts of drawing but not put the theory into practice.  So in January I decided to take a drawing class through our community college.  I felt this was my last chance to actually learn to draw.  So I collected supplies and off to school I went, ready to humiliate myself if it meant finally being able to draw.  When I started the class I was at the stick people level of drawing.  I was even proud to be able to draw stick people.

Last drawing before starting drawing class.

 The picture above shows what I considered a good drawing, so I really had no where to go but up in the class.  The instructor empathized contours over several class sessions which really helped to get us started at really seeing the object.

Contour drawing of wood.

But what really got me thinking was that drawing is an illusion!  Drawing is using the minds tricks to make something two dimensional look three dimensional.  Once I understood the tricks it became much easier to draw!

So here are the last two drawings I've worked on.  

Lion drawing.

Human face.

These last two drawings show that I am still struggling but represent a huge step forward.  The lion is not proportioned properly and the mane is not that good,  The face was an exercise in balance.  This was my first try at drawing a face.  I had practiced eyes but not within a face and balancing the nose and mouth.  I know I can do better and will!

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