Saturday, October 31, 2015

TM Patch Workshop

This week I gave a workshop on how to make TM ( Teesha Moore) patches and we had a lot of fun!  We spent 1 1/2 hours trying to be imperfect, which is harder than it sounds.  It's much more fun to concentrate on creativity than if something is sewn straight.   Everyone did a great job on their patches and all were very creative!  We had fun and they even want me to come back for a different workshop.  Several ladies were interested in ribbon work and ribbon embroidery.  Though both uses of ribbons would make a fun workshop, unfortunately ribbon is expensive and not easy to obtain here.  So I am trying to come up with a project that might make a reasonably priced workshop.  Thank you to all the ladies who participated, encouraged and shared with all of us!  I had a great time!

To learn more about TM patches search on
using the search string,  Teesha Moore Patches.

Here is a TM patch  I used as a sample.  The vase was just hand cut without a pattern and the flower is made using one of the Clover flower tools.  I think it came out cute and definitely not perfect!

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