Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Altrusa 2016

Next years Altrusa tree is being planned already, it may seem a bit early but we will take some time to make it.  Linda wants a silhouette tree!  Which will be fun for me since I enjoy paper cutting so much.  I suggested that we do a Jane Austen tree as a secondary theme.  So after a bit of research, cutting and tape, I've come up with some ornaments.

This first ornament is made from an image I found on Pinterest.  The image is a woman with words from Jane Austen's novel inside the silhouette.  After cutting the image out I curled the edges to make it more dimentional and then using dimentional tape added it to the ovals.  Then a fine ribbon was added to the back to hang it. 

The same image but with a bit of color added. 

I love this image and I think it makes a wonderful cameo type ornament.

The bell is also from Pinterest and dimentional tape was used to make layers.  The bottom layer of the bell is a beautiful silver paper with swirls.  Unfortunately the silver doesn't show up in the photos.

Here is the bell ornament in the opposite colors.

This candle ornament was made like the bell using layers and dimentional tape. 

Candle ornament at an angle to show dimensions.  

This couple is interesting but I haven't figured out how to use them.   They may end up being decoupaged onto a glass ornament.

For fun I also cut out this house in two sizes.  The small one is cut out of paper the bigger house used card stock.  These would be great as ornaments but are a challenge to cut out.   So I think I will design my own houses and make them into a small village.

Close up of the larger house.

Well it is a start anyway.  The 2015 tree is going to have a country theme and roosters.  So far I have collected stuff for a hat and made a rooster paper cutting.  I have yet to think of some ornaments for the tree.  Just maybe a large basket with felted chicks may show up!

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