Monday, January 13, 2014

More Scherenschnitte

The last few days I have been going through a ton of magazines looking for Scherenschnitte patterns.  Every Christmas and Valentines Day the magazines publish patterns.  So I knew that I had a few patterns but found more than I thought were to be gleaned.  Most were simple cuttings and I found some really nice Valentines patterns. 

From the book "Papercutting" by Claudia Hopp.
Also from the book "Papercutting" by Claudia Hopp.
Another cutting from the book "Papercutting" by Claudia Hopp.
Valentine cutting.  A set of four patterns found in a magazine.  
This was a very easy cutting because all the detail is on the edges of the heart.
This Valentine cutting was difficult because the tulips kept moving and one got cut off.  It is very beautiful and I intend to keep trying to make it.
A Valentine cutting with hearts and tulips.
This was an extremely easy pattern.
A Christmas cutting, reindeer and a tree. 
This cutting uses three or four images and then glued together to make a 3D ornament.
Lazy day.
This was challenging to cut because of all the details.  I had to cheat to cut out the hat band by cutting through the whole piece.  The knives I had were not cooperating.  Currently I am working on a wedding cutting but it wants to make trouble.  This has been a fun experience and I am glad I was able to find so many patterns.  Now to look through other sources such as lace patterns and cross stitch!

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