Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Lately I haven't been posting because my laptop went to sleep and will not wake up.  Using my desktop was too difficult because I couldn't sit without pain using it.  So Lee got me a wireless keyboard and mouse and I can now blog from bed using the TV as my screen.   It is going to take some time to get used to this new configuration.

To start the New Year I thought I would post some scans of the 3D Christmas cards I sent out.  I haven't finish sending them all and there is a slight chance of cookies and truffles to be sent too.  Most of the images used are by Laurie Furnell,  she currently sells clip art on  The way I made the cards was to print out three or more copies of the images.  Next I cut out parts of the image I want to popup and used foam tape to make layers on top of the original images.

This little penguin has several layers.  The penguins hat and beak are layered.  The tree and arm are layered and then the arm is layered on top so it looks like the penguin is holding the tree.  The penguin came out very cute.  Here are some of the other cards I made.

I added real buttons to the corners for fun!

One of my favorite cards.

This image has a lot of layers.  I even cut out the roof snow and layered it.  The windows are layered as are the wreaths and poles.
The cake in the window is layered and even the gingerbread on the sign pops up.  It is hard to cut the smaller images but most of these just took patience and good scissors.

Another of my favorites.  I did all of the buildings in this clipart collection.

I was so happy cutting out all these cards that I decided to learn more about paper cutting.  I ordered two new books from Amazon.

Both of these books have a very good "look inside" features.  The first book has an incredible hummingbird pattern!

Well I hope that all of you have a Happy New Year and get a lot of time to craft in the coming year!

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