Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blog Number 400 Giveaway

It amazes me that I have posted 400 entries!  To celebrate this achievement and to help me out with future posts I am going to have a giveaway!  Not sure what to give away yet, but I was thinking of letting the winner decide what kind of item they would like, i.e. jewelry, ATC, handmade journal.  It just has to be some small item I can make.  Most of the activity on this blog is from outside the US, so long as I can mail to your country you are eligible to win.  The giveaway is very simple, just post a message.  I would appreciate a message stating what kind of tutorials you would like to see here.  That is all!  You don't even have to join this blog.

Winners will be chosen at random from among those who post between now and February 28th.  So that I don't have to exclude anyone there will be two prizes.  One prize for family and the other for friends and people who read this blog.  So put on your thinking caps and help me with ideas for future tutorials!

Thank you everyone for reading and supporting this blog!


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