Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mountmellick Embroidery

I went out today to get some thread to work on the Mountmellick embroidery.  There is only one place in town that has the Perle cotton so I was very lucky to find what I needed.  So this afternoon I started the embroidery.  It is very easy to stitch the design and I'm getting used to the Palestrina stitch.  Even though the fabric is lighter then the book recommends it is still hard on the hands.

Last night I went through the pile of finished embroideries and found some ribbon embroidery I had finished but not yet used.  I decided to make it into a small bag.  Watching a version of "Emma" I noticed a cute little draw string purse.  It was a diamond shaped design and had a fringe.  So I took the silk embroidery and pinned it to a back piece in a diamond shape.  I decided to sew it wrong sides together using a beaded buttonhole stitch.  It is the same stitch I used on one of the Christmas ornaments.  Since it is a lot easier to stitch I want to work on it tonight if I'm not to cold!

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