Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of Earrings

Earrings!  That is all I seemed to be doing the last few days.  So far they are coming out rather well.  I am a little tired of making them though.  The thought in the back of my mind is to finish 20 sets and then if I don't get any other gifts finished at least everyone will have earrings!  They have lowered the dosage on one medicine and raised the dosage on another so I'm not sure if that last sentence makes any sense.  I still want to make the ear shaped earrings but haven't got the piece to hold it onto my ear working for very long.  It also brings up another problem, making it fit someones ear.  Somehow calling and asking someone to fax a picture of their ear is probably going to alarm someone as to my already questionable sanity!

So here are a few pictures of some earrings I've made.

These two I started but couldn't find the beads to make mates yet!
Crystal earrings with drop fans.
These came out very pretty This was the first time I had used the crystal fans.  The circular crystal has 42 facets so these really sparkle.

Angel earring?
Another picture of the angel earring.
Here I was trying to add the fan as a drop when I accidentally made an angel.
Very abstracted pearl and crystal earrings.
More crystal earrings this has a dangling wirework piece.
Blue, clear and gold glass and crystal beads wired onto a gold chain.
These were a lot of work to make.  There are a lot of small crystals wired onto the chain here with 24 gauge wire.  They came out pretty but to much work.
Another set of clear crystal earring this one was made
using a briolete as a drop.
A set of steam punk earrings in progress.
I was also making some necklaces.  They are just simple wired crystals and pearls.
Cream crystal pearls surrounded with small light blue crystals
alternating with dark blue square crystals and bicones.
Brazilian embroidered roses.
This little embroidery is for a Thank you card.  When it was finished I cut the fabric and glued the edges to the back of a 2.5 by 3.5 card.  It had been a long time since doing the bullion rose but they came out rather nice.  It was another doodle that I made without any planning.  Hope to get it in the mail soon.

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