Friday, December 28, 2012

A Pretty Misers Purse

Miser purse with embroidered silk ribbon pansy.

The diamond shaped purse project came out very pretty.  It makes me think of a young woman at a dance using the purse to hold her dance card.  I am so glad that I noticed it in a movie.  What struck me most about the purse design was the fringe.   After taking a pansy silk ribbon embroidery and drawing a diamond around it I sewed it together with the right side out.  I first tried a button hole stitch but it didn't work.  So I just used a straight stitch and made a lot of random backstitches to secure the seams.  The top was left open and then after trimming the fabric leaving enough for a fringe, it was turned inside out.  Around the open edge of the purse I turned down a hem twice and stitched it down.  The top seams were a problem because when I started to fray the fabric to make the fringe it was easy to fray to much.  I have never done a diagonal fringe before.  So I only frayed to a 1/4 inch from the seams in any direction.  Finally I ran some purple ribbon through the top hem leaving two loops of ribbon so the purse can hang from a wrist.  What was really cool was that the loose woven fabric used had small stains that looked like old pin stains.  If I were to make another purse I would make a bias edging on the top to secure it better.

Close up of pansy ribbon embroidery.

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