Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back from the trenches

After recovering from carpel tunnel we started in on the wedding,  Of course by this time I had gone to the dollar store in Solvang five or six times buying fabric.  I purchased nearly thirty yards of white crepe, twenty yards of purple satin, fifty yards of purple tule and a bolt of purple satin that was a gift from a friend and some odds and ends.  So we were ready fabric wise anyway. The bride didn't want anyone to know what the wedding was to look like so she asked us not to post images online.  She did get married Saturday April 21st.

At first the bride wanted a nice wedding without flowers.  They went with the "journey" theme.  Starting out on the great adventure that is marriage.  They decided on a 1940's look to the event, so a train theme emerged.  So the invitations were tickets one for the wedding and the other for the reception.  They were designed by my niece and my sister bought lovely purple folders to send them in.  That took several days to finish up mostly because of the lack of time for the ceremony.  We worked all weekend putting the invitations together.  Many thanks to everyone for their hard work.  The total for the invitations including the postage was less than a dollar each.  About 200 were mailed.


At this point we had less than three week to pull a wedding together!  I was really worried that no one would come because of the late invitations and the bride's cousin was getting married the day before.  Keep reading the blog to see if we survived!

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