Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't snitch

The blog has quiet lately because I'm not suppose to move my hands : (  I am typing with braces on my hands which isn't the easiest thing to do.  So I haven't been doing much but reading and watch movies,

My niece is getting married so we went to Solvang yesterday to the dollar store.  Usually they have lots of purple satin but we could only find 18 yards.  They missed the deadline to have the dresses made so my sister is going to make them.  It is a lot easier on their budget if the fabric is only $1 a yard.  I hope my niece likes it.  She didn't want the dress I bought so I started taking the dress apart.  I got out a seam ripper to remove the lace bodice.  Unfortunately it is well sewn and it is more difficult to remove the lace then it looked at first.  There is a lovely satin dress under all the frills.  I still haven't decided how to decorate it yet, though ribbon embroidery is what I like to do.

Dollar store satin

Yesterday we went to a bead store that had every delica bead I can think of.  Very inspiring stuff on display and the prices were great!  Wish I had bought some rivolis while I was there.  I need to order from Fire Mountain again,  I'm making pearl necklaces for the brides maids.  They are a simple double strand of pearls with a decorative clasp.  It is finding 5 beautiful clasps that is the problem.  Plus necklaces for both moms and roseries for the bride and groom.  So it is rather frustrating to not be allowed to use m hands.  Just a few weeks and I should be back to crafting!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your hands. Hope you feel better.