Friday, April 27, 2012

Wedding wish jars tutorial

For the wedding my niece wanted wish jars, the idea was that everyone would write a wish and place it in a jar hanging from a tree.  We tried ribbons and silk flowers but the jars were cute but not what the bride wanted,  So we tried wire wrapping.  The first one I tried making a canning jar type of wrap but that took to long and was overly complex.  So I went back to try again and this is what we decided on.

Image Nixon Wong Photography

How to wire wrap a jar.

Finished jar.

Step 1: Take a piece of wire, I used 20 gauge Zebra wire.  Start with pliers and bend the wire around one arm of the pliers creaing a loop.  Work off the spool to save wire.

Step 2 : Keep wrapping a spiral with the pliers or change to a wire straighting tool.  The straightening tool won't leave marks on the spiral. Keep wrapping the spiral, until it is one quarter to one third the size of the bottom of the jar.  But make it large enough to hold the jar inside the wire wrapping.

Making the spiral

Finished spiral.

Step 3: Now bend the wire nearly straight up.  Hold the spiral to the bottom of the jar and start bending the wire around the jar.  Keep wrapping until the wire is to the edge of the jar lid.  Wrap the wire half way around the jar edge.  This will give the wrap stability.

Wrapping wire around jar.

Wrap at edge of jar lid.

Step 4: Bend wire at straight up from the jar edge.  Take time now to make sure that the wrapping is tight and that the spiral is supporting the jar bottom.

Make hanging loop.

Step 5: Bend wire into loop to hang the bottle from. leave about three inches of wire below the loop. This is for closing the loop with a wrap.  Cut wire.  If you want a charm on the wire wrap add it to the loop.

Cut wire with charm added.

Step 6:  Bend the cut wire end 90 degrees.  Hold the two wires together with pliers and then wrap the cut end around the bottom of the loop wire.  At this point it is easier to wrap without the jar.  Also be careful not to drop any charms while closing the loop.

Starting the wire end wrap.

Finished closure.

Step 7:  Place the jar back ino the wire wrap, it may need to be tightened again.  Hang the bottle on a tree like we did or if you make a small loop it would make a nice pendent.

Wish jars on tree for wedding guests.

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