Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I agree with the hobbits we should give gifts to others on our birthdays for putting up with us for another year!  Against all odds I have made another birthday.  Wanted to see alpacas today but the people at the Ranch of the Oaks in Lompoc were to busy today.  Hope to have a tour in a couple weeks and pictures to post here.  I've met the owners and hey are very nice.  Maybe my sister will post about them on her blog to, hint.  She has a lot more followers then I do.  Thanks to all three of them for their support : )

Today we found a piece of mail requiring me to fill out some forms for disability and I missed the deadline.  I knew they could not go so long without a new form and I'm kicking myself for letting the christmas season distract me from calling to see if they needed anything.  I just kept forgetting.  When I called the insurance company earlier to find out what I could do the agent hung up before even saying hello.  So tonight I was working on the forms and as I was finishing a long one the server closed down.  So I am almost done with the forms after a marathon of typing while lying in bed.  I hope that they don't cancel my insurance because of this but if they try I will get a lawyer.  Not thinking well because of the meds isn't fun.

Worse then that is my cat isn't herself.  I look in her eyes and can see she isn't well.  She has a small fever but doesn't seem to be in any major pain.  She acts like she has an aches and a flu.  So she is curled up on my/her chair and is sleeping.  I turned on the oven so she would be warm and just leaving her alone.  She has been really grumpy today and doesn't want company.  Things will seem better when she is better.

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