Thursday, August 18, 2011

A lovely day

It was a lovely day out so I spent part of the day working on watering the fruit trees and breaking small olive wood branches.  Over the last few weeks a friend has been trimming the giant olive tree in the front yard.  About a third of the branches are now on the ground!  I would love to be able to carve but it is dangerous.  We can't seem to give away the wood so far, really wish a wood carver would take the largest branch.  Right now it is doubling as a bench and is big enough to support even my bottom!  So if no one wants it we may just keep it as a rustic bench.  The smaller bits I am working on will go through the shredder and will be mulch for the plants.  Next the almond and pecan trees need a good trim.  So there will be lots to work on in the yard the next few months.  Here is a picture of the log, if anyone knows a wood carver in the Santa Maria area please let them know about this blog!  Thanks!

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