Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cake left

I baked a chocolate cake with a powdered sugar frosting and there is still some leftover!  I did share too!  Last night I tried making free form paper beads.  Some came out interesting anyway.  It will take some more trials before I have what I want.  Another concern is how to seal them.  I would rather not use any harsh chemicals.  Beeswax might be interesting but not in hot weather : )  If they were left unsealed I can just imagine them disintegrating in spilled soup!  Paper beads are beautiful and light weight, I've made them with words on them and out of flocked paper.  The possibilities seem endless and it makes a fun project for kids.  Making beads out of unshaped scraps of paper is a challenge.  I have had to cheat a little because you do need a strong start to the bead, this part wraps around dowel and cannot be glued.  Some of the free form pieces are fatter in the middle and end up being glued to the dowel!  So some shaping is necessary.  To get around this I am tearing the pieces rather than cutting them which give a lovely edge and still looks free form.

I have a ton of ideas for making these beads.  Take the tissue paper that is to light weight and decoupage it onto other paper beads or wooden beads.  Using the die cut for a bow take metal pieces and cut out.  Then cut the ribbon sections in half and roll them with the pointed side on the outside of then bead.  They could even be embossed on the ends.  Make a paper bead with a wide center and then working from the middle out curl the ends of the beads, need to do this and post a picture.  So many different things to try.  These will truly be love beads because they will be a labor of love.

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