Friday, July 22, 2011


Well I have been busy working on learning to tat with a tatting shuttle and finally getting the hang of it.  Still I like using needles better but there are advantages to using the shuttle.  You can tat over the beginning threads easily.  It allows you to stop anywhere in the piece when working with double shuttles and so eliminate extra thread ends.  Now that I have gotten better I plan on trying to tat with 28 guage wire to make lace jewelry.

I finished a lace scarf which had both graphs and written instructions.  It was extremely hard at first but after seven tries I finally got the hang of reading the pattern and remembering the stitches.  I plan to frog it because of all the mistakes and make it again.  I'm using a white cotton about size 8 that a friend gave me.  Once I'm done I plan on dying it.  Tried playing with beet juice but it came out a dull brown.

The last three weeks I have been making jewelry.  I've made several piece using different techniques.  Lots of wire working which has helped to build up some strength but I can only work a short time so it has been slow going.  I finished stringing a rose quartz chip necklace with pink crystals.  Very pretty and simple.  I also made a chunky fire agate necklace.  I did elaborate wire wrapping in copper around each chunk and attached them on a large link chain.  Then created a drop using a fire agate and a copper cone with a chain tassle.  Definately different from my usual lacy style.  I plan to put the jewely up on my Etsy site.  Who knows I might actually sell something.

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