Monday, July 25, 2011

Working on jewelry

I've been working on jewelry the past few days and have several necklaces ready for clasps.  The problem is that I can find my mini anvil!  Once I've shaped the clasps they will need to be work hardened and the anvil makes this easier.  I've been working on a goddess symbol in a cookie cutter outline in a copper alloy.  The goddess is really cool with lots of leftover beads fixed on with wire and a crown tatted from 28 gauge copper alloy.  The printer is not communicating with compter so I can't scan it right now.  Back to taking pictures, if the camera is to be found!

Several other ideas for jewelry pieces have been dancing around the old noggin.  One is a necklace with a flat braid in greens and brown.  Copper leaves will be wired to the braid along with some crystal dangles.  Then a brown cord will wind around the necklace and will have lucite flowers attached.  On the left side will be a small ceramic elf head and it's body will be a leaf, it's arms small twigs.  The elf will be surrounded by leaves and small flower.  I've alread stared making the leaves with a diecut machine and medium weight pure copper.  It was difficult to cut but the leave are great!  They came out quite firm and dull edged.  I will also be making some stumpwork wings using wire and a shear fabric.  The only problem is should it have fibers like yarn and fabric added?  Just need to experiment.

This week I hope to get the jewelry and books photographed and put the images on Etsy.  Also there are some consignment stores to look into around the area.  Today I'm working on cards to attach to the jewelry.  They will include a description of the work and the beads used.  A lot more interesting then a tag "pink bead necklace"!  Hope this works out!

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