Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturday I went to a class on tatting.  It was very helpful, I had been reading the pattern incorrectly.  That is the trouble with teaching oneself especially from material written over 100 years ago.  So I made a pretty tatted circle and started a small doily so I could get the idea of doing rounds.  Just need to practise making the stitches more even now.

While I was at the class a knitter came in and needed help.  I didn't help her and was feeling very quilty because I was trying to learn to tat.  But it was the first class in 6 months in 100 mile area so I didn't want to miss out.  I actually felt hurt because when she came in no one said Lois knits and can help after class.  Just because I don't knit often doesn't mean I can't.  So now I feel that I have something to prove!  After class I showed her how to fix her mistake and she was happily knitting again.  So it all worked out.  Lace shawl project next!

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