Sunday, May 29, 2011

Back into the fray

After a long rest I am starting to craft again, designing jewelry and making pretty things.  The last few months I had been working on a gray doily in size 10 thread.  It is a more modern design with rings of flowers and leaves.  Most of it is in simple chains making it an easy pattern.  So far unblocked it is 40 inches with 16 rows to go.  The project started 10 years ago when we first moved to Santa Maria.  I had purchased the thread in Tucson for a quarter a skein.  After working about a month on the project I gave up on it after our cat pumpernickle ran down the hall with it undoing stitches and knotting the threads.  He was so proud and happy.  I just put the project away!  I found the doily around the beginning of the year and after a search found the pattern.  It is nice to be close to finishing a project started so long ago.
Now that my mind is coming out of a long tunnel I'm looking forward to trying to coax some designs out of my addled brain cells.  I guess we will see!

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