Monday, September 20, 2010

Danish Days

This weekend we went up to Solvang and hung around the museum.  They had so much to watch and do but we really had a great time with Crystal and watching her make bobbin lace.  She was the person who got us started making bobbin lace and I have done my best to infect others.  She took a lot of time with us and even tried to teach us how to make a pattern so we would understand the process.  It may sound strange but it was excting.  I wish that we could see Crystal more than once a year.

While at the museum I bought a Christmas cutting pattern to make pretty paper ornaments.  They also had a kit for making three dimentional star ornaments.  This year I will be setting up my first Christmas tree as an adult!  I am very excited, planning what to make to decorate the tree.  I can't decide what type of ornaments to use.  I would like to make all of them myself but that is a lot of ornaments.  Good thing I am planning for a small tree!  While in Solvang I also bought a felt ornament kit from Thumbelinas.  It has a gingerbread person, a gingerbread house, a piece of cake, pudding, cupcake and gingerbread people in a basket!  They are so cute!  These kits will be a lot of fun and I plan on asking members of the group if they would like to help me make them.

We also went to the Village Spinning and Weaving shop.  It was fun as always!  I bought two boat shuttles for my current weaving project.  Cherie tried to talk me into buying wire bobbins to make wire bobbin lace.  I would love to make wire lace but I need to get better at regular bobbing lace.  The bobbins weren't that expensive but would have cost $64 for two dozen!  Not in the budget right now! 

The trip was great fun, spending time with great friends.  I'd love to do it again soon but need to recover financially first.


  1. You should have a party. I have seen this done where you invite people say 12 to our house have them bring a treat to eat and everyone designs and brings 12 of their ornaments and everyone brings home 12 different ornaments. You can theme it and say everyone bring a gingie to share.

  2. That sounds fun. Linda has a party every year where we bring one gift wrapped ornament and then we pick from a pile. We have lots of fun. We also bring a handmade present and can take from each other, like the crotch candy game. I will ask her about trying the multiple ornament exchange. This year we are also doing a cookie exchange, maybe we can do both at the same time.