Thursday, September 9, 2010

Adventures in Weaving on a rigid heddle loom

Blogging doesn't really seem to be my thing.  How do you know what others will find interesting enough to read.  Finally I seem to have found something to blog about that is rather a unique hobby.  Two weeks ago I purchased a rigid heddle loom.  There doesn't seem to be a lot on the internet about this type of loom.  So I want and hope to share my adventures in weaving.

I purchased an Ashford rigid heddle loom from The Village Spinning and Weaving shop in Solvang CA,  Our craft group has been going there for several years and they have always been so kind and helpful to us.  So after a little research on looms I called them up and they had everything I wanted in stock and even put the loom together for me.  The reason I finally decided on the Ashford was the company's reputation and that the loom came in a 32 inch wide weaving area.  So off we went to Solvang to buy a loom and eat pastry!  I can't express the excitement of finally owning a loom, it had been 40 years since I first used a loom.  Since then it has been a nagging desire to get my own loom to use whenever I wanted, it was an incredible high!  I was like a kid getting their first bike.  I also purchased an amazing book, The Weaver's Idea Book, creative cloth on a rigid heddle loom.  It isn't a beginners book.  It shows how using different combinations of color in the warp and weft produce patterns.  The book also shows how to use a double heddle and how to warp it!  So armed with very little beginner information, I've jumped in with both feet.  It is going to be an amazing adventure and I hope I will be able to help other beginning weavers.

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