Sunday, November 17, 2013

Marie Antoinette Tree Finished

After a year of work the tree was put together and raffled at the Santa Maria Elks club last night.  I apologize that it took me so long to edit the pictures and unfortunately the pictures of the whole tree weren't clear.  But the tree came out beautifully!  The tree was a group effort and it came together creating a magnificent tree.

Tree table and bodice.
Vase with tray of fake goodies.
All I said was, "Let's have cake" or "Let's eat cake" or something like that, and suddenly, everyone got pissy!
Top of shelves, covered with Marie Antoinette dress.
Shelf with faux goodies.
More goodies.
Even more goodies on shelves.
Tray with more faux goodies.
Close-up of goodies.
Table of goodies and perfume bottle.
Goody table showing jewelry and hair set.
Ceramic pug dog.
Cool shoes!
Marie's head in tree.
Close-up of Marie's head.
Chandelier tree top.
Tree ornaments.
Ornaments and gifts.

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