Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Ornament for the Asian Style Tree for Altrusa

Three sided paper ornament.

Last evening I made another ornament for the Asian Style Altrusa tree.  First I started by printing out 3 images onto high gloss photo paper.  Then cut six 4 inch circles, using a Fiskar circle template, out of a shimmery silver paper.  The paper was strong and flexible like a thick vellum.  Next I centered the printed images using the 3.5 inch circle template.  Because the pencil marks kept smudging on the image I used the top of a crochet hook to mark the cutting line.  Then with the six silver circles and the images cut out I started to glue.  First I took the images and glued them to three of the silver circle.  Using the plain silver circles I glued half of circle A to circle B, then glued the second half of circle B to circle C.  Next I glued in the center a doubled silver thread to create a hanger and leaving enough thread at the bottom of the ornament to tie a tassel to.  Finish by gluing the leftover half of circle A to the last half of circle C.  Here is the ornament looking through the top.

The silver circles glued together form the inside section.  The image circles form the outside.

Next using the silver circles with the images I glued them to the silver center at the center edge.  This created the outer part of the ornament.  This left a space behind the image circle.  Finally I made a tassel from the silver thread and added it to the bottom of the ornament.  Here is the finished ornament showing the three sides.  Very simple and lovely.  This would be great for a first Christmas or other family pictures.

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