Friday, September 27, 2013

Can't Believe I Hadn't Posted in Days, Hedebo

Recently I started doing some research into more obscure forms of lacemaking and embroidery.  When I research I get very wrapped up in the data and verifying the information.  Hedebo seems to be a little know embroidery and it has changed so much over the last few centuries that two completely different looking embroidered pieces can both be Hedebo.  This link has the basic stitching infomation and good starting instructions
This link gives some history on hedebo
This link has more images and some interesting history

Books on Hedebo are hard to get and some expensive and others not in English.  Fortunately I already owned 4 books that had some information on Hedebo.  But the books did not have a lot of  information unfortunately.  What I really wanted was a step by step how to do Hedebo.  The only detailed instructions I could find was in the book "The Open Canvas" by Carolyn Ambuter.  The book has an interesting Reticello and Hedebo sampler.  So I started working through the step by step, which is very helpful.  I'm using 20 count off-white linen and size 8 ecru perle cotton.  It would have been nicer to use linen thread but I didn't have any linen thread that was thick enough.  So far I have started working the setup stitching for the Reticello corner squares.  The setup embroidery reinforces the fabric strength and keeps it from stretching.  The only hard part is all the counting to make sure the elements are in the right place.

Most of the books used information from books written in the late 1800's.  So I went to a site that sells needlecraft books out of copyright and print,  There I bought "Needlecraft Practical Journal #52 c. 1906 Danish "Hedebo" Embroidery" by Manchester School of Embroidery along with "Priscilla, Hedebo and Cutwork Book".  Both are lovely books with instructions and many examples.  The books assume that the needleworker needs a minimum of instructions.  Books from this period were written for an audience of skilled embroiders so the projects will be a challenge.  The service at Ivarose is great and I got the books in three days.

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