Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Trapunto Brain

Certainly a brain is a strange thing to work in a form of quilting.  I've had an idea for a design for over a year but an idea is a far cry from a finished design.  It has taken a couple of tries but I may have the brain worked out.  The design is not very realistic but it looks enough like a brain to be recognized with the rest of the embroidery.  The trapunto piece is a 2 inch circle made by sewing two pieces of white fabric together with a random curling pattern.  Then a pink yarn is run inside the pattern creating a pinkish dimensional brain.  I wanted to show pictures but the pink isn't dark enough to photograph.  This project is still in the creative planning state.  Hopefully I will find a good way to do this because I am sure the finished embroidery will be amazing.

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