Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tis the Season

Tis the season to be busy and I actually have been a lot busier then I've been in months.  I've been able to get out of bed for 6 hours or sometimes more.  So baking season has really been going well!  To torture my friends I've been sending fruitcakes as gifts of the season along with truffles.  So far I've made about 20 dozen dark chocolate truffles.  My recipies are at .

I had a lovely Christmas.  Lee's mom and I hung out watching TV and threatening to go out for chineses food waiting for Lee to finish dinner.  I made a chocolate soufle for dessert.

I got some great gifts a set of dishes, I believe this is china dates from the 70's.  I love having some real dishes!

My friend and her mother gave me this dish towel and pincushion.  The dish towel is hand embroidered and I've wanted a sample of the mothers embroidery for years.  So my Christmas wish came true!

Even got the tree put up in the kitchen, still don't have many ornaments so I decorated the tree with necklaces I had made.  The necklace showing in the picture is made of green jade and clear crystals.

Close up of the necklace

We also tried to do a lot of good and help others during the season.

Our cat Caramel is enjoying the chair that we got so I can sit at the counter and work now. At least when the she will let me.  She is all cat and assumed that the chair was hers!  She is such a pretty and thankfully small Maine coon.

We've been spending a bit of money getting things that we've needed for the house but haven't been able to replace until now.  A chair for the kitchen and some new bed linens.  Yesterday we went to Sears and I had so much shopping luck I couldn't believe it!  I never find deals.  But Sears had cotton sheets!  So many stores have only microfiber sheets.  So we found a nice set of sheets in blue and a beautiful new blanket in a dark blue.  But in the clearance section I found a quilt in the wedding ring pattern!  I've been wanting one for years but couldn't afford it.  It was only $35!  So I grabbed it and wouldn't let go!  When Lee found me I said it was mine!  It is in blue like the sheets with a green accent.  It so beautiful!  It also had two matching shams!  No more using hot glue or painting on the bed.  We got all our bedclothes for about $90!  Such a happy find.  We really needed them.

The baking season is not over yet and friends that are reading this are not yet safe from being fruit caked!

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  1. I really enjoyed your post good to see you up and busy!